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Shipyard Services

Only a well maintained and regularly inspected equipment can bring best performance to action.


Therefore, we are operating two own shipyards.


One in Galati and the other in Cerna Voda.


These shipyards perform services for our own fleet of vessel and barges, but also engaged with customers from river shipping as well as from the maritime sector.


Following services are performed from our shipyards:


  • Repairs of self-propelled and non-propelled ships
  • Construction and furnishing of river self-propelled and non-propelled ships
  • Dry docking works in our own docks
  • Diagnose and technical solutions
  • Ship design
  • Repairs and retrofitting for marine parts and equipment
  • Technical intervention on ships staying in different locations on the Romanian sector of the Danube




  • 4 floating docks
  • 1 x 100 tf floating crane
  • Technological lines, outfit and equipment for mechanical , electrical processing, welding, etc.

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