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            ... innovating complete solutions for inland waterways ...

Rivers - 

where we are at home ...

The Inland Waterways Network provide an environmentally sound and sustainable foundation for moving goods and materials from one place to another. 


River transportation by itself produces lowest emissions, noise level, external cost and is visually unobtrusive.


It is a true powerful combination of an environmentally friendly and socially acceptable mean of transport for the 21st century.


Our major business-areas are built around those rivers.


Maintaining our position as one of the premier river shipping, we understand that quality service has never been more essential to business success than it is today.


Our professionals realize that our performance contributes to your ability to gain a competitive advantage in your markets


Our barge fleet, pushers and towboats can supply the hauling capacity and systems that you need at the time and place that you need them. We put the right combination of barge sizes, hull capacity to work for you, so you can control costs.



We live up to the commitments we have taken.



But river transportation might not always be the only service you are in need.

Therefore, we are able to link for you the advantages of barge transportation with any other means of transport.

First / Last mile transport are absolutely no problem, as well as transloading in the ports, interim storage and even packaging your products to big bags or small bags - therefore check out the other services we can provide you.

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