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            ... innovating complete solutions for inland waterways ...




Our major offering -

from the North to the Black Sea


Our transportation services range from the ports of the North-Sea along the Rhine, Main, Main-Danube channel and the Danube to the Black Sea region.

In practical terms, we serve your transport requirement from any port to any port.


Your request might be for river transportation and cargoes of any kind, from dry bulk, liquid chemicals or project cargoes of almost any size, we are there to assist you at any time.


In this segments, we provide second to none transportation solutions.


During the last few years we retrofitted some of our Top-Pushers. Those pusher (four pieces in total) are today able to sail under most difficult navigational conditions in low water situations. With a draught at only 130 cm those pushers are designed to bring your products save and environmental sound - at low water conditions - to your facilitiy or customer.


In our group of companies, we own:


      + 50 pushers & tugs


      + 400 dry bulk barges

      + dozens of tank-barges and special project cargo barges


      + Mooring boats, pontoons, ferries, passenger vessel



The entire fleet reaches a dead-weight capacity of more than 800.000 tons.


With this capacity, we are able to transport more than 10 million tons of cargoes throughout every year for our customers and to their utmost satisfaction.


As we are acting as freight forwarders, it is in our natural interest to offer also services of other shipowners. In this context,



we combine the best of both worlds -

the shipowners and the booking agents (freight forwarders).




Don't waste time and contact us to find out about our possibilities and what we can do for you. 



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