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Port Operations

Directly or through one of our sister companies we can offer our customers a wide range of services in different ports.


Until today we have undergone big financial efforts to develop our port activities in:


  • Galati
  • Braila
  • Oltenita
  • Giurgiu
  • Bechet
  • Turnu Severin

and of course in the


  • Port of Constanta


Each of the ports developed through the last years its specific specialties and all for them are able to provide excellent services.


In a nutshell:



Grain terminal

30.000 tons capacity

Reconditioning of goods

Railway siding !!! normal and wide gauge system !!!



Grain, Fertilizer and General Cargo terminal

3.000 tons terminal and 12.000 tons floating storage for grains

2.200 m2 chemical / fertilizer warehouse

Bagging installation

Grain reconditioning station



Grain and General Cargo terminal

Direct operations truck - barge and vice versa

Specialized also for big bag operations



Grain and General Cargo terminal

6.000 tons silo capacity

Direct railway access

Terminal to handle shipments from / to Bucharest region



Grain and General Cargo terminal

Latest development inside the Group

1.000 m2 flat storage warehouse


Turnu Severin

Grain, Fertilizer / Chemicals, Liquids and General Cargo terminal

3.000 tons flat storage capacity

13.725 m2 storage

Bagging station for big bags, etc.

Currently quay extension ongoing



Terminal Canopus

Joint Venture with Cargill

110.000 tons capacity

Tri-modality and simultaneously

800 tons / hour loading and discharging


Several other terminals

Any kind of cargo

+100.000 tons capacity





For more details on any of the locations, please contact us any time.




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