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Direct Transshipment

For you as customer, direct transshipment of your products, means decreasing cost and at the same time reducing the possibility of cargo damages, shrinkages, etc.


Surely it is not always possible, but we do our best to offer you this service wherever and whenever it is possible.


Especially in the Port of Constanta, many of our customers make use of this possibility.


We handle incoming seagoing vessel by directly transshipping the cargoes into barges.


Of course, it goes in the same way with your cargo arriving from the Danube Ports to Constanta.

Taking the loaded barges directly to the berth of your seagoing vessel, placeing some of own floating cranes alongside and starting to transship directly from barge to seagoing vessel.


As one of the leading companies in this segment, we can guarantee loading rates exceeding 7.000 tons per day.


But we also offer agency services to your seagoing vessel.

We supply them with the necessary spare parts, consumables and other needs they might have.


There is no need to small and no order to big.



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