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            ... innovating complete solutions for inland waterways ...




In 2004 one of our sister companies was set up as private railway operator, with the aim of optimizing rail-freight hauling as an essential component of the integrated transport system.


Today the fleet of locomotives ranges from

  • electric Bo-Bo engines of 4.400 KW
  • electric Siemens engines of 6.400 KW
  • electric engines of 5.100 KW
  • combined Diesel - electric engines of 2.100 HP
  • combined Diesel - electric engines of 1.250 HP

In general, a wide range - but compiled to offer best equipment, for prime services - just precisely for its purpose.


On the railcar side, own equipment are of

  • EACS type (uncovered equipment for raw materials)
  • UAGPS type (specialized for grain and oilseed transports)
  • Container-platforms
  • Railtanks (oil and oil-derivates transports)


For our customers, we are not only operating in the SE-European countries, but also in Central and Western Europe.

Often, we are entrusted to provide full services from door - door.




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